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JCP and LGS are names well-known in California real estate. JCP launched the disclosure industry in 1976 (as JCP Geologists), and LGS was a reseller of JCP reports when LGS started business in 1998. In 2007, JCP and LGS joined brands, and are now JCP-LGS -- the first and the most enduring name in California property disclosures.

On the web we're known simply as "DISCLOSURES.COM"

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C.L.U.E.® Report No Longer Available Through Disclosure Companies

The C.L.U.E.® Home Sellers Disclosure Report will no longer be available for purchase through First American NHD, JCP-LGS, or any other disclosure company. LexisNexis®, the company that owns the C.L.U.E.® Report, has decided to discontinue the sale of the report through third party vendors such as California disclosure companies.

As an alternative to the C.L.U.E. Report, the seller can provide a written disclosure of known insurance claims in the past five years. Consult your broker or the California Association of REALTORS® for additional information.

November 23, 2015, is the last day we will accept new C.L.U.E.® Report requests. LexisNexis advises that the property owner visit and click on the “Additional Reports” tab to order a C.L.U.E. Report.

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Everyone of us, working for you.

JCP-LGS is California's #1 provider of property hazard disclosure products and services, with over century of aggregate industry leadership and innovation at work for you. You can be assured of receiving the industry’s highest level of knowledge, understanding and protection from a company that:

  • Created the nation's natural hazard disclosure industry
  • Established the "standard-of-care" property disclosure report
  • Introduced environmental disclosures to residential real estate -- the EnviroCheckTM Report
  • Introduced the New Home and Subdivision disclosure report to California homebuilders
  • Redefined liability protection for agents and their clients
  • Introduced electronic signatures to the disclosure industry

We continue to lead the way. In December 2010 we introduced the gas transmission and hazardous liquid pipeline disclosure in the EnviroCheck Report.

At our state-of-art production facility in Irvine, California, we utilize advanced Geospatial Information System (GIS) hardware and software technology to produce rapid, yet accurate hazard zone determinations. In fact, our California disclosure process sets the standard for disclosure nationwide, drawing from a digital parcel database of more than 10 million parcels to provide unmatched accuracy and confidence.

Our standards of staff training and certification are unsurpassed, as is our commitment to security. We maintain tight control of your and your clients' personal and business information through redundant, fail-safe information systems, in addition to complete compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations controlling the financial services industry.

Depend on JCP-LGS to deliver the proven innovation, service and reliability you need to your protect your business, your clients, and your future.