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Our Customers Speak

Loretta DiPuma, Escrow Officer/Manager, Mid Valley Escrow Corp.

I have used SMS service for over 15 years at various companies, and I find that the system is easy to use and customer service is always there to help when it is needed. SMS representatives check in on us regularly and sometimes come in person to our office to just make sure we have what we need. SMS has been in the industry for as long as I can remember and I would gladly refer them to any company out there looking for a good Escrow/Accounting software system.

Tara Cole, Evergreen Escrow, Inc.

“We love StreamLine and Closing Tracker. We picked up a new Mortgage Broker the other day who opened a new order on line through Closing Tracker. SMS support is great too. They recently called me about an issue before I even knew I had a problem, and it was already fixed. Now that’s great service!”

Annette Heikkila, TransCounty Title Company

“In a Market that is full of change, SMS Streamline keeps us up to speed.  Streamline provides us with updates that change with our market like all the recent HUD changes.  They offer free online training classes as well that are very helpful.  We receive Tips, Tricks and Tools via emails that have user-friendly illustrations that I printout and keep in my master SMS file.  Streamline makes my job easier!”

Bridget Thayer Melien, Global Edge Settlement Solutions

"Streamline has been a terrific asset to our title and settlement company.  I've been impressed with the product from the very beginning, and still am after being a 10 year user.   Customizable and robust, it has truly streamlined our conveyancing process and workflow."

Dianne Keefe-Bonnell, Certified Escrow Officer, Newhall Escrow Company

"After having been a Docnet customer for many years, I changed companies and they had an entirely different system. After some adjustment, I became used to the “other system” that the company offered, however still missed Docnet.

In 2008, I changes companies once again and was reintroduced to Docnet after having been absent from it for over 6 years. Having gotten acquainted to a new, more modern system that was windows based, I was dismayed when I discovered the true disadvantages of Docnet over the modern system. I then commenced on a campaign to convince the owner of my new company to explore the options in escrow software systems.

We met with and tested several different companies and their escrow related software and when it was time to make a decision, Streamline made that decision easy. Since switching to Streamline from Docnet almost a year ago, I am extremely satisfied with what Streamline has to offer and the support that SMS has given us during the transition period. The system is stable, flexible and just simply makes sense.

I would strongly suggest that any escrow company still living in the dark ages and using Docnet consider switching to Streamline, you will certainly not regret."

Julie Richardson, President/Owner/Chief Escrow Officer, Homestead Escrow

"As one of the largest Independent Escrow Companies, with over 40 employees, it is essential for Homestead Escrow to provide quality, expedient service to our customers, and SMS is a partner in our success! SMS has been our software provider for over 10 years, since the opening of Homestead Escrow. We have purchased several software programs for Escrow and Trust Accounting with SMS, and have opened 2 branch offices with SMS by our side helping us along the way. SMS, the leading Escrow software provider, and their customer service team has always been available to support our needs whenever questions or problems have arisen. I highly recommend SMS for their quality escrow software products and the customer service that they provide to their clients."

Transaction Coordinator, Real Estate Brokerage

"I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how much I love you all. Not only are you guys fast but it is easy for me to use your system being computer challenged some days I never have a problem. Your company even had the hard copy for our client the next day, so if you would let all the people behind the scene know they are doing a great job making my life easier. Thank you."

Real Estate Broker, Redding, California

"I wanted to take a moment and let you know just how happy I am with the level of service you provide day in and day out. I really appreciate just how fast you and your company provide the information I need. I know if I ever have a question that you are just a phone call away. When I order the NHD reports online I usually have them the next day in my email inbox. It is also very convenient that I can order the reports when I take a listing. That way I have all my disclosures up front. It takes the uncertainty out of the buyers mind when they can see all the information at the start of a transaction. I find that your NHD reports are far more complete than your competition and your support makes it a lot better than your competition. In conclusion I am very happy with you and your service. Keep up the good work and you can count on me to refer your services to all who are in need of them."

Major Homebuilder, Newport Beach, California

"What a champ! You are the bomb.…Now THAT is service!!! Thank you for your efforts. They help differentiate the First American experience from the rest of the pack."

Brokerage, Southern California

"I have to say that I am wholeheartedly impressed. Without reservation, you and your company have earned my trust, my respect and my business. I didn't think that you'd be able to expedite my order so soon, but you pulled it off in the same day!"

Christine Zicaro, LoConto, Burke & Madaio, PC

“I do not have the time and resources to track these things down. Your service is a dream come true. I am going to do my best to be sure my entire sellers permit me to hire you to clear up issues like this in the future.”

Karen Detwiler, White Rose Settlement Services, Inc.

Green Folders is Wonderful! The program is very user friendly and convenient. The scanned documents clarity is letter perfect. Information can be found and emailed to our clients in the matter of seconds. Green Folders Support Team has been great. This program truly supports our company’s efforts to become paperless. Thank You Green Folders!!! The Staff of White Rose Settlement Services, Inc.

Diane , All Service Abstract-Langhorne, PA

“PayoffAssist saves me 5-8 employee hours a week”

Alice Townes, Wise County Title Company

We love EVERYTHING! What we have discovered is the time it saves doing your 'normal' day to day activities. It has saved paper, toner, folders, etc. GreenFolders is very easy to work in as well. Our phone system puts all voicemails in our computer so we are able to 'click and drag' important phone messages into a file! Another thing that we all are so impressed with in GreenFolders is the ability to put items in multiple places within a folder, i.e. Policy Department, Lender, Buyer/Seller, Realtors just to name a few. The training from Andrea Geltman was awesome! She is patient and VERY knowledgeable!!!


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Jennifer, Cache Title Company, Logan, UT


Nate, Cache Title Company, Logan, UT


Shannon, Cache Title Company, Logan, UT

Brian Drew, Benchmark Title Insurance Agency

GreenFolders has been a great tool for our Company, it has eliminated wasted time searching the office for lost or misplaced files because everything is right at your fingertips. GreenFolders has helped us to increase productivity, as well as save on the cost of paper and tone.

Tari Coleman, Transamerican Escrow Company

SMS has been around as the #1 Escrow Software company since the early 90's. I have nothing but wonderful experiences working with them over the last few decades. They have great staff in and out of the office and are always so pleasant and helpful.

Alison Bliss, New Venture Escrow

Kathy Robinson is the best. I was needing some support, and Kathy was extremely helpful. She responded promptly and was very knowledgeable about the product. She helped me with what I needed and my problem was solved in less than 10 minutes. Additionally, I love GreenFolders. It has made our escrow files more organized, and has our team communicating much better. I could not be happier with GreenFolders and the customer service of Kathy Robinson.

Monica Thomas, Desert Escrow

SMS is THE Bomb software! The support staff and team are so wonderful and helped me get my new escrow company up and running immediately. We closed our first escrow in 30 days with the Help Desk responding asap upon my GFE questions to get loan funded and we were able to record the same day.

Joshua Pompilus, OneBoston Title & Closing Services, P.C.

Greenfolders is the best software investment we have made relating to our practice! Prior to investing in Greenfolders, our office unsuccessfully tried to go paperless for the last five (5) years. In fact, rather going paperless we ended up creating more work for our staff, looking for documents all over the place while still maintaining our old paper system. Now, Greenfolders has not only reduced our paperwork but has also increased our company’s production. It is very user friendly and customizable. Their customer and technical support staff are OUTSTANDING. We only wish we’d known about Greenfolders sooner!