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Answers to your most common questions

Do I have to pay for a report if the transaction falls through?

No. If your transaction does not go through, you may advise us by calling or emailing our Customer Service Desk. We will cancel the report at no cost to you.

How long do the reports remain valid? Do they expire?

Our reports do not expire but the government maps may change. So, the reports are valid only at the time they are produced.

We recommend updating the reports every six months until the close of escrow in order to have the most up-to-date property information. Updates are free of charge as long as they are for the same transaction.

What’s the difference between the Industry Standard and Comprehensive Report packages?

The Industry Standard includes the EnviroCheck Report, whereas the Comprehensive Report package contains only the Natural Hazard and California Tax Reports.

How long does it take to get a report?

If you order a report on a business day before 2 p.m., you’ll receive email copies that day and hard copies by courier the next business day. If your report is ordered on a business day after 2 p.m., you’ll receive email copies the morning of the next business day and hard copies the business day after that. (EX: Ordered after 2 p.m. on Monday, email copies delivered Tuesday and hard copies delivered Wednesday.)

Can I use the same report for a different transaction?

No. Reports are valid only for the transaction for which they are issued.

Does the report cover my seller and me against liability?

Yes. Because we’re backed by the First American Financial Corporation, we carry all necessary liability insurance (including Errors and Omissions). NOTE -- THE REPORT’S LIABILITY PROVISIONS DO NOT APPLY UNTIL WE RECEIVE PAYMENT IN FULL.

Can I upgrade or downgrade the report?

Yes. Simply call or email our Customer Service Desk and tell us which package you would like to change to. We will re-issue the report package with the changes requested, and include an updated invoice.

Will you bill Escrow?

Yes. Once we have escrow information, we will forward the invoice to escrow.

Can I order a report without escrow information?

Yes. We can still issue the report, but without escrow information we must invoice the ordering party. When escrow has been opened, simply give us a call to update our billing records and we’ll forward the invoice to escrow.

Can I download a copy of the Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake Safety online?

Yes. On our Electronic Bookshelf page, select either the English or Spanish version of the guide for download.

The order page states that I cannot order a report if I have multiple APN’s. Why?

We actually have a special reduced pricing for multiple APN’s. We just need a few important details that aren’t accessible on the website. So, please call in your multiple-APN order. We’ll submit it for approval, and promptly call you back with a quote.

I’ve lost my PDF version of the report. Can I get another copy?

Yes! Just give us a call or email us and we’ll email you another copy right away.

How do I enter escrow information when placing an online order?

When using the “Step-wise” online order form, click the blue “Escrow” tab in the left column (below the “Agent” tab). This takes you to the step (screen) for entering the escrow information. When using the “Classic” One-Page order form, you will find the “Escrow Information” section on the right side of the screen.

How do I retrieve my password without having to call your office?

On the login page, below the User Name and Password fields, click “Send Me a New Password”. Our system will automatically email you a new password, which you may then change using the “Change My Password” link on the login page.

Can I view all my orders online?

Unfortunately, no. Only those orders placed online can be viewed online. Fax and phone orders will not appear.

What are the different ways to order a report?

We provide three simple ways to order a report.

  1. Online with our “smart” order form that remembers your contact information and the escrow companies you frequently bill to. The is the most convenient method.
  2. Call our Customer Service Desk at 800-527-0027.
  3. Fax an order form to 800-854-9625.
How do I submit or change escrow information after the order has been submitted and processed?

Easy. For online users, after logging in you will see a convenient listing of any orders for which escrow information is needed. Simply click on those orders and provide the escrow information in the web form that is provided. You can also submit escrow information by email or call us with the escrow information at 800-527-0027.

How do I add to or change an order once it has been submitted through the website?

Changes cannot be made online once an order has been submitted. We can make any additions or changes to the order from our Customer Service Desk. Just give us a call at 800-527-0027 or send an email to

I have a report that is several months old and the property is just now selling.
How do I obtain an updated report and is there a charge?

If the property has not closed escrow, we will update the report at no additional charge. Just give us a call at 800-527-0027 or send us an email to requesting the updated report and provide any updated escrow information. We will forward the updated copies to all parties as needed.