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See why TrustLink is recognized as the premier trust accounting service.

Don't let unclaimed property create a problem for you.

Escrow balances and uncashed checks are an all too common occurrence, and failing to properly deal with them can trigger red flags for auditors and may result in potential penalties.

Let our expert unclaimed property team help you effectively manage the escheat process for all your escrow balances and uncashed checks and help keep your accounts up-to-date. And because we offer nationwide coverage, you can rest assured that you’ll be in a better position to maintain/meet your compliance initiatives.

Our team is ready with helpful advice and answers to help your business stay current and compliant.

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  • Start process on uncashed checks based upon customer requirements
  • Image all correspondence
  • Identify high-risk items
  • Electronically store all reports and due diligence for audit
  • Identify and conduct an extensive search for the owner of the funds
  • Prepare and distribute Due Diligence letters
  • Disseminate responses to letters for reissue
  • Prepare Preliminary State Filing Reports
  • Prepare Final State Filing Reports